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Domain Name Price Guarantee

The linkUwant.com Fair Price Guarantee . . .

At linkUwant.com you are guaranteed the same fair price year after year. And as your website makes money, the price of your domain name stays the same.

The only increase you will see in the cost of your name is a small adjustment for inflation based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index).


Your Domain Name costs $400.00 per year

The CPI rate from the Purchase Yearto the Renewal Year was 3.0%*

Your increase would be $400.00 X 3.0% oran additional $12.00 per year when you renew.

Now your Domain Name would cost . . .

$412.00 per year

*Note: 3.0% = Average CPI Rate from 1991 to 2001
To see how the CPI rate history has affected prices. . . click below:
CPI Inflation Calculator
We encourage our customers to take advantage of our multi-year purchase plans which will lock-in a discounted price for up to ten years.